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Some of the important features of the Dark Mode addon are listed below. This is followed by an overview of this addon. This summary contains few words about the addon, its function, and its features. Next is FAQ, this section is useful to get information about how this addon works in your browser. If you couldn't find a specific answer, please fill the bug report form on this page or the contact form on the homepage to let us know about your question. Following the FAQ, is the bug report form. It is designed to collect user feedbacks and bugs about this addon. Users can suggest improvements or feature requests through this form too. The next section is for submitting comments about this addon which uses the Facebook comments plugin. The last section is dedicated to reports submitted through the GitHub website. We hope the information provided on this page, could help you get all the basics you need about this addon and enable you to have a better experience with Dark Mode.

In short, Dark Mode is a browser extension that applies a nice and smooth dark theme for the web (4 custom themes are available). Please check the YouTube tutorial below to get an idea of how this addon works in your browser. If you want to contribute to the developement of this addon, please fork it on GitHub, and push your changes to a named branch. Moreover, you can review all the comments made on GitHub commits.

4 Reasons to Use Dark Mode

  • Toggle button enables you to easily apply|remove dark theme for all websites.

  • You can whitelist the desired website(s) from the options page.

  • Several dark themes are available to choose from (see options page).

  • Available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera browsers on all operating systems.

YouTube Tutorial

This video gives you an idea of how the extension works in your browser.

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  • Dark mode, also called night mode in the literature, is a feature (or setting) available on some devices and apps. It can change the interface (i.e. webpage) to a darker scheme, using dark greys, blacks, or colors instead of the default light colors. The dark mode is often used in low-light environments to make screens easier to see and to reduce eye strain from looking at a bright screen for long durations. Some people also like the aesthetics of a dark user interface.

    Dark mode style or theme is considered to be easier on the eyes because it reduces the amount of strain on the eyes that comes from looking at a bright screen for long periods. In dark mode, the contrast between the colors on the screen and the surrounding environment is lower, which can help to reduce glare and make it easier for the eyes to focus. Additionally, using a dark theme can help reduce the amount of "blue light" emitted from the screen, which has been shown to disrupt the body's natural sleep patterns and cause eyestrain. In general, blue light, a type of light emitted by screens on electronic devices, can suppress the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps to regulate the body's sleep-wake cycle. When melatonin levels are low, the body may not be able to fall asleep as easily (which may lead to difficulty sleeping and other sleep-related issues). Additionally, the glare from screens can be stimulating to the brain, which in turn, can interfere with the ability to fall asleep.

    There are several other potential benefits for using dark mode, including that it can help to save battery life on devices with OLED or AMOLED displays. Since these types of displays only light up the pixels that are needed to display the content on the screen, using a dark mode can help to reduce the overall amount of power that is used. Additionally, the dark mode can help to make text and other content on the screen easier to read, especially in low-light environments. This can be particularly useful for people who have difficulty reading text on a white background. It's important to note that NOT everyone will experience the same benefits from using dark mode, and some people may find it causing discomfort. In some situations, the reduced contrast between the colors on the screen and the surrounding environment can be disorienting or difficult to adjust for the brain. Additionally, a dark mode theme may not be suitable for all types of content or applications. For example, certain colors, images, or small details on the screen may be difficult to see in the dark theme. This is because dark colors can reduce the amount of light that is reflected off the screen and as a result can be especially problematic for users who need to see small details, such as graphic designers or photographers. Furthermore, some colors may be difficult to see in dark mode, especially those that are very "light" or very "bright". This can make it difficult to see certain images or graphics or to read text that is written in those colors. Another drawback is, not all devices or applications support dark mode. So, users may not be able to use it on all of their devices or applications. This can be frustrating for users who want to use dark mode consistently across all of their devices. To enable dark mode in your browser, you can use the Dark Mode extension. Please read the FAQ below for more information about this addon.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is Dark Mode?

    Dark Mode is a multi-browser addon that helps you quickly turn the screen (browser) to dark at night time. The toolbar button serves as an ON|OFF switch that enables you to easily and quickly enable or disable the extension. If you do not like the current dark theme, please visit the options page and change the theme from the variety of available options (i.e. classic themes or native dark). There is also a whitelist feature (section 5) that enables you to exclude a desired domain from dark mode. Simply add a domain(s) to the designated area (comma separated) and the websites will be excluded from night mode.

  • 2. How to work with this addon?

    To work with this addon, please click on the toolbar button once. Once the addon is active, the default dark theme (native dark) will be applied to all websites. To change the current dark theme, please open the options page and choose a different one. The default dark theme in extension version 0.4.5+ is the native dark (in section IV). You can either change the options for this theme or choose a different one from the classic themes (in section I). Within section I, there is also a - Custom dark styles - column listing several websites. These websites have a separate dark theme different from the selected global dark theme (i.e. native dark). In other words, whether you choose a classic or the native dark theme, it does not affect the custom dark styles in section I.C as long as corresponding items are marked.

  • 3. How can I download the source code for Dark Mode?

    To download the source code for this extension from Chrome Web Store, it is recommended to use Extension Source Downloader. With this addon, you can download the source code as a ZIP or CRX format to your machine. If you want to download the source code from the Firefox addons store, please open the firefox download link (if available) in the Firefox browser and then right-click on the - Add to Firefox - button and select - Save Link As... - item. Choose the destination folder on your machine and then save the file in XPI format. You can then rename the XPI format to a RAR or ZIP file. Some extensions may have a GitHub repo address, which you can use to download the source code as well. But, it may not be the latest version of the addon. Therefore, downloading the source code from the official web stores is the best option as it always gives you the latest version of the addon.

  • 4. What settings are available for the native dark?

    As mentioned above, from extension version 0.4.5 and above, the native dark is the default and selected dark theme for the extension. within the options page, there are several settings available for this style. To view all the settings, please click on the section IV drop-down menu. Most of the settings are self-explanatory with a clear description. In the native dark theme, inline-styles and constructable stylesheets (shadow DOM styles) are supported but not processed by default. You can mark options (f) and/or (g) to enable these features. Please note that these two options are still in beta and may not work properly. If you want to apply the native dark to all the websites in section I.C, please mark option (k). By default, option (I) is marked which only ignores the compatible styles in section I.C that have a yellow star next to them.

  • 5. How can I customize the colors for the native dark theme?

    To customize the default colors for the native dark theme, please open section IV, and scroll down to see the CSS variables for the native dark theme. Now you can change the colors by clicking on the color button on the right side of each variable. Please note that all the settings are auto-saved to the memory.

  • 6. How can I darken all the inline-styles when the native dark theme is active?

    As mentioned above, please mark option IV.f to make the native dark engine process all inline styles on web pages. When this option is active, you will see a better and more thorough dark theme for websites. But, it may have some bugs or introduces lag or slowness on some websites. So please consider this weakness when enabling this option.

  • 7. How can I darken all custom elements (shadow DOM nodes) when the native dark theme is active?

    Similar to the above option, please mark option IV.g to enable this feature. Since custom elements are widely used in many websites these days, this option could be very useful to target pages with large areas of custom elements. However, this option is also in beta mode and may not work properly on all websites.

  • 8. How can I darken the new tab page?

    To darken the new tab page, you need to use a separate add-on, as all modern browsers have strict rules for customizing the new tab page. A lite and easy-to-use add-on to darken the new tab page is called: Dark New Tab. It is available for Chrome and Firefox browsers only. Since the Opera browser does not allow manipulating the new tab page, the Dark New Tab add-on is not currently working for Opera. Please note that this addon is only affecting the new tab page in your browser, and does not have any impact on other pages.

  • 9. How do I turn OFF the extension (turn dark mode globally off)?

    To turn the addon OFF, please click on the toolbar icon once. When the icon turns purple, dark mode is off and when it turns to dark gray, dark mode is active. As mentioned above, for specific websites in the whitelist, dark mode is not applied at all.

  • 10. How to add a domain to the whitelist?

    To add a specific domain to the whitelist, please open the options page and add the desired domain to the designated area (section V). Instead of a domain, you can add a URL to the textarea as well, and the extension will automatically convert it to a domain. Please note, all domains must be comma separated (i.e.,,, etc.).

  • 11. How can I choose a classic dark style (theme)?

    To choose a classic dark theme, please visit the options page and open section I to view the complete list of classic dark themes (section I.A or I.B). Please note that you cannot select multiple items at the same time. Once you click on any item, the web pages will apply the selected theme right away, but it is better to reload the pages to apply the newly selected theme.

  • 12. Is this extension available for mobile browsers?

    Yes, this extension is available for both mobile and desktop browsers in all operating systems.

  • 13. How can I disable this addon?

    If you do not like the dark mode, you do not need to disable the extension, simply click on the toolbar button to turn it OFF (when the toolbar icon turns orange). Alternatively, you can visit the extensions page in your browser and click on the disable button next to the extension to turn it OFF.

  • 14. How can I remove a website from the whitelist?

    Similar to adding a website to the whitelist table, please open the options page and remove the specific domain from the whitelist table (section V). Please note that domains must be comma separated to work properly.

  • 15. Can I whitelist a domain with the mouse right-click (context-menu item)?

    Yes. Please right-click on any page that you want to exclude from dark mode, and then click on the - Exclude from dark mode - item from the context menu. The page domain will be added to the whitelist table on the options page (section V).

  • 16. Can I make this extension work per-domain only?

    Yes. From version 0.4.9 and above you can do this from the options page. Please open option #6 and enable this feature. Then, add desired domains to the designated area.

  • 17. Can I set a schedule to automatically turn the extension ON/OFF?

    Yes. From version 0.4.9 and above you can do this from the options page. Please open option #7, enable this feature, and adjust the ON or OFF times. Please note that as long as this option is active, the schedules will repeat daily.

  • 18. Where can I find the privacy policy for Dark Mode?

    Please read the privacy policy for this extension here.


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