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Some of the important features of the Video Downloader Prime addon are listed below. This is followed by an overview of this addon. This summary contains few words about the addon, its function, and its features. Next is FAQ, this section is useful to get information about how this addon works in your browser. If you couldn't find a specific answer, please fill the bug report form on this page or the contact form on the homepage to let us know about your question. Following the FAQ, is the bug report form. It is designed to collect user feedbacks and bugs about this addon. Users can suggest improvements or feature requests through this form too. The next section is for submitting comments about this addon which uses the Facebook comments plugin. The last section is dedicated to reports submitted through the GitHub website. We hope the information provided on this page, could help you get all the basics you need about this addon and enable you to have a better experience with Video Downloader Prime.

In short, Video Downloader Prime provides access to a toolbar popup UI to easily download desired video formats & contents. Please check the YouTube tutorial below to get an idea of how this addon works in your browser. If you want to contribute to the developement of this addon, please fork it on GitHub, and push your changes to a named branch. Moreover, you can review all the comments made on GitHub commits.

6 Reasons to Use Video Downloader Prime

  • Toolbar popup UI provides an easy interface to the download links, or copy the link to the clipboard.

  • Badge icon text shows the number of captured items within the page.

  • You can add, delete or disable the formats from the options page.

  • You can also temporarily disable the Addon, and re-enable it with just one click from toolbar panel.

  • There is also an option to specify the minimum size for each item in order to trigger the download.

  • Available for Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers.

YouTube Tutorial

This video gives you an idea of how the extension works in your browser.

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  • Video Prime (formerly named Download Helper) is a multi-browser Addon (Firefox, Chrome, Opera) that enables you to download HTML contents easily from your browser toolbar popup. It captures the contents seamlessly and almost instantly on many pages. Once an item is captured, the badge icon shows the number of captured items, and the popup window (once opened) shows each content as a card item. For Opera and Chrome browser, there is an optional settings that, if enabled, will calculate and show the resolution for each video item. Unfortunately this option is not yet available for Firefox browser as the HTML5 video element is not fully compatible with Firefox and may introduce some instabilities (unexpected crashes). However for Firefox browser, you can adjust the storage location to your desired choice. To do so, please open the settings page and choose your desired folder. This option is not available for Opera and Chrome as these browsers do not let the extensions to have access to the local folders of your computer. Another useful setting in this addon is the ability to add, edit or remove media file formats. There are several default media file formats added to the addon, but you can edit this list at any time. Some of these formats are as following.

    According to Wikipedia, a media (video, audio, etc.) file format is a type of file format for storing digital data on a computer storage system. The media can be stored in the Original or Compressed form to reduce the file size. A media file normally consists of a container format which containes video data in a video coding format alongside audio data in an audio coding format. The file format can also contain other information such as, subtitles, metadata (i.e. title) etc. Some file formats are designed to enable the user to choose which program will open the file. That is the case with some video file formats, such as WebM (.webm), Windows Media Video (.wmv), and Ogg Video (.ogv). But some very general file format types such as AVI (.avi) and Quicktime (.mov) can contain media in almost any format, which makes it hard for the user to choose the specific player and for the player to choose the right codec. For this reason, a free software called FFmpeg is designed and introduced to perform the encoding and decoding almost any file format. In general, FFmpeg is a multimedia framework which is able to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, stream, filter and play almost any type of media. It can work and be compiled on any operating system such as, Windows, Linus, Mac, Solaris and etc. The FFmpeg project's libraries have very wide support for encoding and decoding media (video, audio, text and etc.) file formats. Many famous companies and software such as Google and VLC player use FFmpeg libraries to encode and decode their media files. Some of the most famous and very useful media file formats are as following. (1) WebM which is a free file format created for HTML5 video. It is basically an alternative to HTML5 video tag. The development of WebM is sponsored by Google. It is supported by famous browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Many media players such as VLC and MPlayer fully support WebM files. Moreover FFmpeg can encode and decode WebM files. (2) FLV or Flash video Adobe Flash Player to deliver content. FLV may also be embedded within SWF files. In general, there are two different video file formats known as Flash Video: FLV and F4V which both are supported in Adobe Flash Player. (3) AVI or Audio Video Interleaved, is a media format introduced by Microsoft. AVI files can contain both audio and video data in a file and like the DVD video format, they support multiple streaming audio and video and can be tagged with metadata. (4) MPEG or MP4 is a very common file format that can store video, audio, subtitles and still images. It also allows streaming live over the internet. The MP4 was originally designed based on QuickTime file format and revised completely in the following years to be generalized into ISO file format (a general structure for time-based media files). (5) WMV or Windows Media Video is a media format developed by Microsoft. It was initially designed to stream media over the net similar to realvideo and in the following years, was adopted for delivering media such as DVD and Blu-ray. WMV is one of the most recognized media formats and is widely used by many companies and softwares.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is Video Downloader Prime?

    Video Downloader Prime is a multi-browser addon to enhance the process of downloading video files within a webpage. On any webpage with video content, simply open toolbar popup to see the available list of detected video files. Within the list, you can choose to download a file, copy download URL or remove the file from the list. There is also an options page with plenty of settings to adjust. Badge icon text will show you the number of video items detected by this addon. Please note that badge icon will change if you switch tabs.

  • 2. How to download a video file?

    Just continue with your normal browsing, once video is captured within a page, you will see the badge icon text changes. Now open the popup UI to see the download link.

  • 3. How can I download the source code for Video Downloader Prime?

    To download the source code for this extension from Chrome Web Store, it is recommended to use Extension Source Downloader. With this addon, you can download the source code as a ZIP or CRX format to your machine. If you want to download the source code from the Firefox addons store, please open the firefox download link (if available) in the Firefox browser and then right-click on the - Add to Firefox - button and select - Save Link As... - item. Choose the destination folder on your machine and then save the file in XPI format. You can then rename the XPI format to a RAR or ZIP file. Some extensions may have a GitHub repo address, which you can use to download the source code as well. But, it may not be the latest version of the addon. Therefore, downloading the source code from the official web stores is the best option as it always gives you the latest version of the addon.

  • 4. How to copy the download link?

    In the popup UI there is an icon to copy the link URL. Simply click on the icon to see the URL, then press (Ctrl + C) to copy the link to the clipboard.

  • 5. How can I delete an item from the toolbar popup UI?

    In order to delete an item, simply open the toolbar popup and click on the cross sign (X) next to each item. You can also delete the whole list by clicking on the Clear list button at the bottom section.

  • 6. Is this addon compatible with all versions of Firefox.

    This addon is compatible with Firefox versions 29.0 and above.

  • 7. Does this addon has any settings or options page?

    Yes, there are few setting available for this addon. Open the options page and review the settings.

  • 8. How can I change the minimum file size?

    From the options page, top section, enter the desired value in Bytes (not any other units). The number will be saved automatically.

  • 9. How can I change the download location in Firefox?

    In order to change the default download location, open the options page from toolbar-panel. Then, in the top section, click on the - Choose - button and find your desired location. Then click on - Select Folder. The default path will be changed to the updated address.

  • 10. How can I change the download location in Opera?

    To change the download location in Opera, you need to change the default download path in your browser. To do so, please click on the - Settings - button in your browser. Then, find the download section and click on - Change - button. Similar to Firefox browser, once you update the location the download path will be updated accordingly.

  • 11. How to add a new (.ext) file format?

    To add a new format to the list in the options page, enter the desired - .ext - and description in the designated space, then click on the plus (+) sign. The new item will be added to the list. Please note that the format should be in the form of (.ext), moreover, adding a description for each item is required.

  • 12. How can I temporarily inactivate (disable) an item?

    Simply click on the activate button next to an item. The color will change to lite-gray when inactivated. You can also remove the item by clicking on the cross sign next to it. Please note, removing the item will permanently delete it and is not reversible.

  • 13. How can I disable the addon?

    In order to disable the Addon there are two options to follow. The first one is from the toolbar panel, by clicking on the - Disable VDP - button. This option is a quick way of disabling the addon while you are surfing the internet. The second option is from the addons page and will permanently disable the addon. We recommend using the first option because it is easier and more convenient.

  • 14. Where can I find the privacy policy for Video Downloader Prime?

    Please read the privacy policy for this extension here.


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