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Some of the important features of the GIF Maker addon are listed below. This is followed by an overview of this addon. This summary contains few words about the addon, its function, and its features. Next is FAQ, this section is useful to get information about how this addon works in your browser. If you couldn't find a specific answer, please fill the bug report form on this page or the contact form on the homepage to let us know about your question. Following the FAQ, is the bug report form. It is designed to collect user feedbacks and bugs about this addon. Users can suggest improvements or feature requests through this form too. The next section is for submitting comments about this addon which uses the Facebook comments plugin. The last section is dedicated to reports submitted through the GitHub website. We hope the information provided on this page, could help you get all the basics you need about this addon and enable you to have a better experience with GIF Maker.

In short, GIF Maker is a lite add-on that enables you to create animated gif images from existing images(s) or a video file. You can save the resulting GIF file via the download button. Please check the YouTube tutorial below to get an idea of how this addon works in your browser. If you want to contribute to the developement of this addon, please fork it on GitHub, and push your changes to a named branch. Moreover, you can review all the comments made on GitHub commits.

4 Reasons to Use GIF Maker

  • Very lite add-on with no background activities.

  • Has a stand-alone popup UI with several settings to generate the GIF image.

  • Does not need an internet connection or any external servers.

  • Available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers on all operating systems.

YouTube Tutorial

This video gives you an idea of how the extension works in your browser.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is GIF Maker?

    GIF Maker is a lite and multi-browser add-on that enables you to create GIF files easily inside your browser. As the source for the GIF file, this app needs some images or a video file. Once one of these inputs is provided, you can click on the - Make GIF - button to create the GIF file. Please note that, before making the GIF image, there are several settings that you can adjust. If you want to save the GIF file to your machine, please click on the - Download button. The file will be saved to the default download location on your machine. On the top right corner of the UI, there is a reload button to reload the app (in case something goes wrong or an error occurs). Please note that the default size for the GIF image is (300 x 300) pixels, however, you can edit this value from the UI.

  • 2. What is GIF file format?

    A GIF (short for Graphics Interchange Format), is a type of image file that supports animation. The GIF file format was invented by Steve Wilhite while working at CompuServe in 1987. Wilhite developed the format as a way to compress and display images in a way that was more efficient than the formats that were commonly used at the time. The format quickly gained popularity and is still widely used today. In short, GIFs are commonly used on the internet to display short, looping animations, such as for reaction images or to display a brief video clip. These files are often used because they support transparency and allow for a transparent background, which makes them useful for adding images or animations to existing content without obscuring it. GIF files are typically saved with the .gif file extension, and they can be created using a variety of image editing software. In a GIF file, the frame rate refers to the number of individual images, or frames, that are displayed per second. The higher the frame rate, the smoother and more fluid the animation will appear. A lower frame rate will result in a choppier, less smooth animation. The frame rate of a GIF can be adjusted when the GIF is being created, and can have a significant impact on the final appearance of the animation.

  • 3. How can I download the source code for GIF Maker?

    To download the source code for this extension from Chrome Web Store, it is recommended to use Extension Source Downloader. With this addon, you can download the source code as a ZIP or CRX format to your machine. If you want to download the source code from the Firefox addons store, please open the firefox download link (if available) in the Firefox browser and then right-click on the - Add to Firefox - button and select - Save Link As... - item. Choose the destination folder on your machine and then save the file in XPI format. You can then rename the XPI format to a RAR or ZIP file. Some extensions may have a GitHub repo address, which you can use to download the source code as well. But, it may not be the latest version of the addon. Therefore, downloading the source code from the official web stores is the best option as it always gives you the latest version of the addon.

  • 4. How can I work with GIF Maker add-on?

    To work with this addon, simply click on the toolbar button to open the app UI. Then, drag and drop desired images (at least two) in the designated area in the app (top section). Please note that you can either use images or a video file to make a GIF file. Once input files are imported, please adjust the settings for each GIF image. Settings are available in the app at the right sidebar. Currently, there are 17 options to adjust and all of them are self-explanatory. Once the settings are adjusted, please click on the - Make GIF - button to generate the GIF image. Depending on the input source, the time to make the resulting GIF may vary. Please wait for the app to finish the job; once done, you can see the resulting GIF image in the app UI. Now, you can click on the - Download - button to save the GIF image to your machine. As mentioned above, the download location is the default download path on your machine. This app does NOT need an internet connection to work; it uses an open-source JavaScript API which is very lite and fast to make GIF files inside your browser. Please read below to get more info about this app.

  • 5. What is behind the GIF Maker addon?

    as mentioned above this addon uses an opensource JavaScript library called gifshot to make the GIF file. This library is designed to make the GIF file with HTML5 tools only, therefore it does not need any external resources/servers at all. It is also lite weight, fast and works in all modern browsers (mobile & desktop).

  • 6. Is there any options or setting available for this addon?

    Yes, this addon has several options or setting to adjust. First, open the app UI and then adjust the settings at the right sidebar. Currently, there are 17 options to change for this addon, in the future support for more settings will be added. Please note that all the settings are auto-saved to the memory. Simply change any desired setting and then make your GIF image; next time when you reload the app, all the previous settings will be restored and ready to use.

  • 7. Can I open the GIF Maker app in toolbar popup?

    No, the UI is only available as a stand-alone popup window. In fact, toolbar popup UI is not large enough to place the app UI, therefore this app is not designed to work inside the toolbar popup UI.

  • 8. How can I reload the app?

    As mentioned above, there is a reload button at the top right corner of the screen. Simply click on the reload button to reload the app UI. Alternatively, you can close and re-open the app in case something goes wrong or an error occurs during the GIF-making process.

  • 9. When the popup UI is closed, is there any background activities related to this add-on?

    No, when the toolbar popup is closed, the addon has no background activities at all.

  • 10. Do all browsers support this app?

    Yes, this app is supported in all modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Opera on all platforms. You can also install this app in mobile browsers (i.e. Firefox mobile).

  • 11. Can I work with this app if I dont have an internet connection?

    Yes, this app is working even if you dont have an internet connection. You just need source files (images or a video) to make the GIF image. The rest happens inside your browser and the result can be downloaded to your machine.

  • 12. Where can I find the privacy policy for GIF Maker?

    Please read the privacy policy for this extension here.


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