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Some of the important features of the Social Disconnect Plus addon are listed below. This is followed by an overview of this addon. This summary contains few words about the addon, its function, and its features. Next is FAQ, this section is useful to get information about how this addon works in your browser. If you couldn't find a specific answer, please fill the bug report form on this page or the contact form on the homepage to let us know about your question. Following the FAQ, is the bug report form. It is designed to collect user feedbacks and bugs about this addon. Users can suggest improvements or feature requests through this form too. The next section is for submitting comments about this addon which uses the Facebook comments plugin. The last section is dedicated to reports submitted through the GitHub website. We hope the information provided on this page, could help you get all the basics you need about this addon and enable you to have a better experience with Social Disconnect Plus.

In short, Social Disconnect Plus is a browser extension that removes all Social Media contents on web-pages (i.e. the Facebook like button and other widgets). Please check the YouTube tutorial below to get an idea of how this addon works in your browser. If you want to contribute to the developement of this addon, please fork it on GitHub, and push your changes to a named branch. Moreover, you can review all the comments made on GitHub commits.

7 Reasons to Use Social Disconnect Plus

  • Removes all sorts of Social Media contents from web pages.

  • Uses selective rules from FanBoys social blocking list.

  • Makes your browsing faster, more private, and more secure.

  • Makes the webpages to load 25% faster.

  • Clicking on the toolbar icon enables or disables the addon.

  • Toolbar icon label informs you about the extension status (enable, disable or allow)

  • Badge icon text shows the number of blocked items within the current page (changing the active tab will change the badge text)

YouTube Tutorial

This video gives you an idea of how the extension works in your browser.

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  • Social networking sites are extremely popular for obvious reasons. Some of the most common social networking sites used these days is Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn. Amongst all of these social networking sites, the most famous one are Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Twitter has managed to gain a massive popularity because it makes the job of sending and connecting with people fairly easy. On the contrary, Facebook has been a popular choice amongst people worldwide and is one of the best social networking sites there are. LinkedIn has grown in popularity these days- it is free and it is a great place for professionals to connect. All of these differ with respect to their underlying purposes and their main aims- who are they directed towards. One drawback with all these social networking websites is their desire for tracking users all over the net (by the means of social tools/plugins added to websites). In other words, each website that you visit has a plugin for social tracking (albeit in most cases) or a tool for interaction such as a Facebook like-button. Many users do not like this behavior and would like to be disconnected from social networking websites while surfing the web. This is when Social Disconnect Plus comes in handy. It is a multi-browser addon that helps you remove all tracking components related to social networking websites, and keeps your surfing private and secure. It also helps the web-pages to load faster as the unnecessary components are omitted from loading. If you would like to stop social trackers and have a safe browsing, add Social Disconnect Plus addon to your browser now. To say a few words about some of the famous social networking websites, please read the following.

    Pinterest is a social site that is all about discovering new things. It presents the largest opportunities. 80 percent of the users on Pinterest are females whereas 20 percent of them are males. There are a total of 70 million users on Pinterest making it one of the best and famous social networking sites. Twitter is a micro-blogging social site. The total number of characteristics on Twitter are 140 characters. They have the largest penetration there but the penetration is slowly spreading- slowly yet steadily. It is reported that on Twitter, 9100 tweets happen every second. There are a total of 289 million active users on Twitter. Facebook is one of the most famous social networking sites. Facebook is probably a cash cow with 1.31 billion monthly active mobile users. The mobile and revenue at Facebook makes up for 76 percent of all the ad revenue. Users share about 1 million links for every 20 minutes. Moreover, there are a total of 1.5 billion monthly active users on Facebook. On the other hand, Instagram is a social sharing site with pictures and videos being shared every 15 seconds. Most of the brands participate through hash-tags and they are used for posting videos and pictures. People can easily view Instagram to follow people and on the other hand, there are 300 million active users on Instagram. Google+ is a slowly yet steadily building new business. It is a brand that allows users to build circles and improve their networking sites. There are hangouts and photos but the posts will remain as streams. There are 300 million active users on Google+. The brand is very active and it is a good place to build your connections. Last but not the least, LinkedIn is also a very famous social networking site. It is business oriented and it is a good platform for brands to start participating. It is a good place for people to connect and meet. There are 79 percent users on LinkedIn and most of them are 35 older. Overall, the total number of users on LinkedIn are 380 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is Social Disconnect Plus?

    Social Disconnect Plus is a free browser addon (extension) block all sorts of social contents (i.e. FaceBook like button).

  • 2. How does Social Disconnect Plus work?

    After installation, a new icon will appear in toolbar. Clicking on the icon, can disable or enable the addon. Once you browse, the extension blocks certain urls related to social contents.

  • 3. How can I download the source code for Social Disconnect Plus?

    To download the source code for this extension from Chrome Web Store, it is recommended to use Extension Source Downloader. With this addon, you can download the source code as a ZIP or CRX format to your machine. If you want to download the source code from the Firefox addons store, please open the firefox download link (if available) in the Firefox browser and then right-click on the - Add to Firefox - button and select - Save Link As... - item. Choose the destination folder on your machine and then save the file in XPI format. You can then rename the XPI format to a RAR or ZIP file. Some extensions may have a GitHub repo address, which you can use to download the source code as well. But, it may not be the latest version of the addon. Therefore, downloading the source code from the official web stores is the best option as it always gives you the latest version of the addon.

  • 4. Why is Social Disconnect Plus not working after installation?

    After successful installation, if Social Disconnect Plus is still not working, you most likely have forgotten to refresh the page (once after installation)

  • 5. How often does the extension update the filtering list?

    Everytime you install a new version, the list will be updated automatically.

  • 6. How can I uninstall Social Disconnect Plus on Firefox?

    If you wish to uninstall or disable Social Disconnect Plus, please follow the instruction on Disable-or-Remove-Addons from Mozilla website.

  • 7. Does Social Disconnect Plus compatible with other extensions in this category?

    Yes, this addon is fully compatible with other extensions and addons with the similar functionality.

  • 8. How does Social Disconnect Plus affects my browsing experience?

    This addon can increases the webpage loadings speed up to 25%. In other works, by preventing social contents from loading, you can save your internet bandwidth 27 percent


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